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The Andy Tabb Welcome Band

by The Andy Tabb Welcome Band

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I just think we’re all sitting ducks Sitting up here Finger on the trigger Climbin the watchtowers I just think we better lay our ears down Down on the track A river’s flooding over the walls Definitely a good time to Chorus: Fan the flames3x Don’t let the fire burn out Don’t let the flames die down Living a time When our passions are pensions Compassion is rationed Who’s got the clout I doubt it’s me or you or you or you or you or even you Oh w’eve all heard Plenty of preachin And we’ve suffered from back-ass -ward teaching Everyone has their point of view So what do I know Chorus (Do do do da da da…right after chorus) Don’t the let the fire burn out Don’t let the flames die down Inside your heart Whoa…. Fan the flames, when we suffer Fan the flames, when everyone has their point of view Fan the flames, whoa Fan the flames….(repeat)
Remember the time The time it rained The sea welled up And like walls came in They said grab the line But you couldn’t hold on The wind came up Swept you in What’s this mess of things that I have done Feelin like the lost and only one Starin down an empty tunnel In this god forsaken place Get back green john Get back (pay your friends back) And we’ll gather all around for a good laugh It’s so good to get you home john So good so good so good To be back home Makes me wanna sing La la la (10 “la’s” to be exact), 3x times round All the way home
Babel 04:36
You heard the story bout a man Thought he’d left all his troubles behind Kept getting into the same old bind Used to be a babel tower Now the babel towers in the mind Sometimes babble so unkind, so unkind As a mountain tall it stands Nothing next to what stands inside a man Who squares on an age old sham What great gods would have created all this And just left us to fall from grace Just to see if we could make it here On our own We’re left to our own devices La la la Just to see…. If we could make it
Ode To Romeo 04:00
Been a while since I set down in this town Paddin down craggy sidewalks and soft ground If it’s people that you cling to let them go They’re sure to be a let down if you hold There just trying to find their own way to get home Ode to Romeo2x See how your heart is tied up in a knot Ode to Romeo2x Well it wouldn’t hurt you to go out for a walk Met a guy who’d sit there folding envelopes Made from magazine cut-outs that he’s gleaned Folded up and put inside a box And for a dollar get your pick out of the lot Ode2x You can’t blame her for playin hard to get Ode2z Your masterpiece is not quite over yet Cause you’re still driven by the voice inside your chest You’ll see the pain over starting over ‘s not so bad Ode2x How can I get you to come out of your shell And will ever come back from your self-made hell Ode2x There’s a thousand ways to give away your heart It’s all that you can do is play your part It’s all that you can do is play your part And see good lessons aint hard to come by these days
You’re a travelin’ show jesus man Hair all in neon Rings in navel and nose You hand me a paper Words red as blood Nails blue and green Yellow with nicotine I run for my car and you follow me home You sit at my table and climb in my dreams Kaliedoscope scenes full of thunder and screams Everyon’es cryin’ Neon jesus man Take them away I drink whiskey to keep you away But you stay and you stay and you stay I am a kite and you hold the string and you sing and you sing and you sing High reach high you take what you can only get one time around And you’re beatin’ feet across a white, plain, desert the only way you know how Na na na na na
Poor Ditching Boy Written by Richard Thompson Was there ever a winter so cold and so sad The river too weary to flood The storming wind cut through to my skin But she cut through to my blood CH: With her scheming, idle ways She left my poor enough The storming wind cut through to my skin But she cut through to my blood Chorus I was looking for trouble to tangle my line But trouble came lookin’ for me I knew I was standing on treacherous ground And sinkin’ too fast to run free Chorus I would not be askin’ I would not be seen Beggin’ on mountain or hill I was ready and blind with my hands tied behind With neither a mind nor a will Chorus


released September 19, 2017


all rights reserved



The Andy Tabb Welcome Band Vancouver, British Columbia

ATWB is Andy Tabb, Anna Baignoche, Elliot Vaughan, Martin Reisle and Katheryn Petersen. Together they weave Americana roots, Baroque influence and early 20th century chromaticism with slide guitar, cello, accordion, banjo, viola, guitar and vocals. Andy’s voice evokes the ease of a summer afternoon, as he ranges easily between painterly ballads and rootsy rock. ... more

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